Comprehensive And Collision Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a form of insurance protection that is given to a motorized vehicle.  Since cars and other types of motorized vehicles are exposed to different types of dangers while on the road, getting auto insurance protection is the best way that you can protect yourself from any unnecessary financial expenses that comes as a result of your car being involved in mishaps, road incidents, or serious pedestrian accidents.

We are all aware that motor vehicles can be very dangerous when they are not handled properly or have sustained some type of serious malfunction that the owner or driver lost full control of the vehicle.  Cars at standstill cannot really do any damage.  However, at speeds of 30mph or higher, the potential harm it can cause not only includes property damage, but also bodily injuries to the unfortunate people who get caught in its tracks.  Buying auto insurance makes perfect sense because the insurer will financially assist you when such occurrences do arise.  As long as you have the right coverage on your auto insurance policy, then you can make claims so you can settle most of your third party liabilities.

Losing control of your car and running through something can cause serious damage to your car.  By getting auto insurance that Calgary Auto Insurance provides that also covers this type of car damage or expenses, then you won’t need to spend much of your money to get your car ready and up and running again.

There are two coverage-types you need to be aware of when getting the best possible protection for your car – comprehensive coverage and collision coverage.

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage is where your auto insurer pays for damages on your car that is caused by an event that does not involve any collision-type damages.  Fires, theft, vandalism, hitting an animal, flooding, or vehicular theft are the types of eventualities where comprehensive auto insurance properly applies.

Collision auto insurance coverage is where the insurance company will issue claims if the damages caused to your car come as a result of hitting another motorized vehicle or an object on the road.  Whether it’s hitting another car, an electric pole, or any type of non-living object, collision auto insurance coverage applies.

If you are getting auto insurance, it is best that you try to assess the coverage you need most.  Aside from getting just a comprehensive package, you may also want to try buying additional to provide you and your car the best possible insurance protection.

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