Comprehensive Calgary Car Insurance – Inclusive of Some Weird Coverage

When it comes to car insurance protection, the best package that you could possible get is comprehensive insurance.  This type of car insurance package covers multiple angles of protection that every car owner needs to fully protect their financial interest from any unexpected certainties as well as eventualities that the car may be exposed to.  Having comprehensive car insurance basically gives you better peace of mind because of the amount of protection coverage that you get from this package.

The truth is that every car owner should invest in car insurance to ensure that they do not ruin their finances should any costly occurrences do occur.  Through the protective coverage of car insurance, as long as the reason for the claim is within the coverage aspect of the insurance policy, then many of the expenses or costs involved will be shouldered by the car insurance company.

As mentioned earlier, comprehensive car insurance provides the most adequate protection for your automotive vehicle.  Car Insurance Calgary deals mainly with this type of car insurance package with their car insurance products.  Surprisingly, it seems that comprehensive car insurance do have a lot of protection coverage given.  However, there are some that are just plain weird that it’s kind of hard to think if they are really useful or not.  Then again, if you try to think about it, if it is not going to happen to us, the chances of the situation happening to the million others out there may just be a possible likelihood.

Here’s a list of just some of the bizarre coverage you can get with your comprehensive car insurance:

  1. Bear Attack – while there may be no bears within your immediate surrounding area, but perhaps a few hundred miles away may be where some bears can be found. If ever a bear decides to attack your car, serious damages will be inflicted to your car, for sure. The availability of bear attack protection coverage in your comprehensive car insurance will manage to save you from such unnecessary and costly repair cost.
  2. Missile Strike – while it is true that many of our military planes and other customized military vehicles have the capacity to deploy missile airstrikes to anywhere they deem necessary, it’s still something that is not likely to ever happen. Having such coverage does not really make any sense. First of all, if you are inside the car when it gets hit, it’s not like you’re going to survive the missile attack.  Also, it’s not like the military will accidentally deploy a missile that has been armed.
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