3 Common Ways Chiropractors Treat Back Pain

spinal adjusting for chirosIt is a proven fact that chiropractors offer effective and gentle approaches to address your back pain related problems. You can always expect a non-surgical and drug-less health care approach with chiropractic and this treatment saves a lot of time as well. When your spine does not move well as it should, you will experience back pain and the basic principle of chiropractic is to return motion to the spine to address the restricted movement. Take a look at the 3 common ways chiropractors treat back pain:

1) Specific spinal manipulation
Specific spinal manipulation also known as spinal adjusting can be described as a hands-on care and active treatment that restores the original motion to the spine with utmost efficiency. Since this treatment returns the normal spinal mechanics, your muscles will relax and as a resultant factor; the pain will be completely eliminated. First of all, the chiropractor will identify the restricted joints or joints with abnormal motion and using a gentle thrusting technique, he/she will return motion to the joint. Various studies have clearly shown that this method can also relieve discomforts associated with your musculoskeletal system and, the mobilization and manipulation techniques employed in this treatment also benefit the structures of the entire body and its physiological mechanisms.

2) Flexion distraction technique

Flexion distraction technique is a non-thrusting and gentle type of spinal manipulation. This hands-on treatment makes use of a specialized table to help the chiropractor and this method is highly effective in treating bulging discs, ruptured or herniated discs and spinal stenosis. This non-invasive treatment stretches the musculature and the patient will be placed on the special table face down. After that, the table will be moved into flexion to apply negative pressure on the disc and the benefits associated with this method include proper joint function, reduced inflammation, elimination of pain and better movement patterns.

3) Instrument assisted manipulation

It is also a non-thrusting technique and a hand-held instrument is used to apply force without thrusting into the spine. When patients cannot undergo hands-on or manual manipulation, instrument assisted manipulation becomes inevitable and the chiropractor uses a hand-held device like an activator instrument or an electronically controlled device like impulse unit. These devices provide vibratory stimulus to the joints and the related nerves supplying the joint and, this treatment changes the reflex output to the joint. As a resultant factor; this spinal manipulation reduces the splinting and muscle spasm that cause restricted joint movements and it is one of the best options for older patients with degenerative joint syndrome or osteoporosis.

Many people depend on chiropractors to address the problems related with back pain. Various studies have clearly shown that these 3 common ways chiropractors use to treat back pain are highly effective and the fact that they are not invasive in nature makes them all the more appealing to a huge number of people. It can be said without an iota of doubt that chiropractors always ensure long lasting results by offering maintenance spinal manipulation after the initial intensive manipulative therapy.

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